Hail, friends!

I am taking up a long dormant story line that you guys, particularly Oz and Dustin, have invested a lot of time and energy in. This campaign will pick up right where we left off two or three summers ago. It will be set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, but there will be some continuity with the custom Oriental setting in which it began.

Blake, Dustin, Ian, Oz, Peter, Priest, myself and others (sorry if I forgot to mention you) have all played some part in shaping the incredibly long, convoluted story and its eclectic cast of characters. Since it has been a few years, I will look back over my notes and reconstruct a streamlined narrative we can use to launch this epic-level campaign in the Summer of 2011.

You may have noticed that the title of this campaign is a pun. ‘End’ can be understood as ‘cessation/completion’ or ‘purpose/design’ – whichever ‘end of madness’ will eventually play out is up to the “heroes”.

The End of Madness